Kraken Reef Feeder/Filter Cup v2

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Kraken Reef's v2 Feeder/Filter Cup provides the best of both of our original products into a single product that can be used as a feeder cup (with a Kraken Reef Premium Feed Lid) or a filter cup (with a Waterbox Aquarium that uses the 2.75" filter sock).

Kraken Reef feed cup is a convenient and hassle-free way to feed. This cup fits inside the Kraken Reef PREMIUM FEED lid’s feed hole and allows placement of frozen food to defrost while still keeping your inhabitants safe. 3D printed with reef safe PETG plastic.


Kraken Reef filter floss cup is exclusive to the Waterbox's 2.75-inch filter sock compartment size.  Please verify that your Waterbox aquarium utilizes 2.75-inch filter socks prior to ordering. The Filter Floss Cup is a direct drop-in replacement for the stock filter socks and allows for inexpensive filter floss material to be used. 3D printed with reef safe PETG plastic.

If ordered with a lid, item will be shipped separate via USPS First Class Mail.

If shipping coupon code is used, item will be shipped by method of Kraken Reef's choice.

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